We collaborate with companies, scientists, artists and agencies who want to use AIR-INK® to disruptive their respective industries, reduce carbon footprint, and be an early adopter of the ‘new black’ movement.


Mastercard now uses AIR-INK® to offset its carbon footprint. Graviky Labs has partnered with Mastercard and Doconomy to create a physical, climate-friendly and biodegradable credit card. Printed with AIR-INK®, the card is the first of its kind in the world.


Graviky Labs and Heineken worked together to bring Air-Ink® to the top street artists around the world, creating billboards and murals in cities like Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Berlin and more to transform the ugliness of air pollution into something as beautiful as art.


AIR-INK® X TED – we created carbon-negative outdoor printing in the form of billboards printed with Air-Ink, advertising TED’s nationally broadcasted TED Talks India. These were displayed all over Delhi and Mumbai, two of the most polluted cities in the world.